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and the actions of the syrian forces in the administration's view. he says the use of chemicals is many question when the united states will act with force. force,say beyond any strategy is needed on syria. i want to get your reactions this morning again to the situation in syria and what the secretary of state said yesterday in what the u.s. should do and whether congress may or may not be involved as well as the international community. here are the lines on the screen. here is the front page of "the washington post" this morning. obama weighing limiting strike on syria. they say the president is wearing a strike syria that would be a limited scope and duration, designed to serve as punishment for serious use of chemical weapons and as a deterrent while keeping the u.s. out of deeper involvement in that country possible war. this according to senior administration officials. the timing of such an attack which would probably last no more than two days and involve -- lawrence cruise missiles and involve see launch cruise is dependent on three factors. completion of an intelligence report assessi
with us the next hour. you might remember back in april, it was a really weird day on the stock market where the market took a huge sudden tumble, but it wasn't for any market-related reason. may have stuck in your mind what happened that day back in april because that was the day the stock market dove because of a tweet. a false tweet which said that president obama had been injured. >> it all began about 1:07 this afternoon. with this tweet from "associated press." "breaking, two explosions in the white house, and barack obama is injured." the message went to "ap's" 1.9 million twitter followers and spread like a virus. re-tweeted almost 5,000 times within a minute. but it was a fake. "ap's "account had been hacked. >> it partly explains the unusual activity in the dow. >> the dow began plunging, and within three minutes, dropped more than 140 points. >> you looked around the floor. you saw people running. you saw people upset. not sure what was going on. just watching this market trade lower. >> automatic trading programs kicked in. >> human beings weren't making these trades. these
give it to me? that's "hardball." thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >>> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. tonight on "all in" after days of ratcheting up the rhetoric to intervene in syria, our congress and tonight the british parliament is saying not so fast. that in a moment. >>> also tonight, fast food workers in 60 cities across the country spent the day on strike, protesting to raise their wage, shutting down some fast food restaurants. we'll talk to a u.s. congress person who joined the workers on the picket line today. >>> plus, my interview with mayor cory booker who's running for u.s. senate. he responds to contemptible attacks on his personal life by his republican opponent. you definitely want to stay tuned for that. >>> we begin tonight with the momentum toward a u.s. military intervention in syria grinding to a halt and now reversing at breakneck speed. just two days ago military strikes on syrian targets were al but inevitable. tonight that is simply no longer the case. in the united kingdom just hours ago, parliament deliver
worked full-time with the school, started a small business. i was watching my son being sworn in as a u.s. senator. i cannot contain the tears in my eyes. only in america. i have been a student of american history. him before i came to this country. then, here i just fell in love with the founding documents of this country. i love the constitution. even more, i love the declaration. independenceon of has changed my life. i meditated upon those truths. as a wise -- as i was sharing in my prayer, i believe the reason the declaration of independence and the overitution have lasted 200 years is because they were written on the knees of the framers. those men were seeking revelation from above. a doubt, outside of the bible, those of the greatest documents that have ever been written. [applause] as you look at the declaration, it has a series of grievances to king george. did you know that every one of those grievances were preached from the pulpits of america before they were written on the declaration? it was pastors that were the back door and of the revolution. did you know where paul reve
us. this is an exceptional time for us as we learn more about how global warming is impacting sea level rise and more specifically what the projections for sea level rise might look like. later this morning you will hear from a group of experts , whichng john englunder puts into historical and current and future perspective what we will be facing over the next few decades and hundreds of years. there is exceptional work already being done to address those issues and i am enormously pleased to see we have such a vibrant audience, great participation, speakers, and great leadership already taking place in this country and we need to work on it further. so with that, i want to introduce you to the former miami dade commissioner cady -- .aty sorenson [applause] >> thank you, dan. it is a pleasure to be with all of you this morning and especially to introduce this distinguished panel. it has been almost three years to the day since the deq visited us in miami dade county, so we nancy hereo have today. now a recovering county commissioner -- i recall speaking about how miami cities are
, protesting to raise their wage, shutting down some fast food restaurants. we'll talk to a u.s. congress person who joined the workers on the picket line today. >>> plus, my interview with mayor cory booker who's running for u.s. senate. he responds to contemptible attacks on his personal life by his republican opponent. you definitely want to stay tuned for that. >>> we begin tonight with the momentum toward a u.s. military intervention in syria grinding to a halt and now reversing at breakneck speed. just two days ago military strikes on syrian targets were al but inevitable. tonight that is simply no longer the case. in the united kingdom just hours ago, parliament delivered a stunning rebuke to prime minister david cameron, voting down a motion that would have paved the way for military strikes in syria. a vote the prime minister promised to take heed of. >> i strongly believe in the need for a tough response to the use of chemical weapons, but i also believe in respecting the will of this house of commons. it is clear to me that the british parliament reflecting the views of the bri
. "happening now" starts right now >> brand new stories and breaking news. jon: big questions how the u.s. will handle the growing crisis in syria. u.s. navy destroyer heading toward the eastern mediterranean. that will bring total of the destroyers to five. one of america's closest allies says a military strike is not says a military strike is not . >>> one recalling the obamacare process a train wreck. >>> sometimes you need the burger fast. could a strike get between you and your big mack today? emac has the answer. e its is "happening now." 10. jon: good morning to you the white house is working to bolster case on syria. there could be days before there is any action. hello, i'm jon scott. >> jon, great to be with you. i'm alisyn camerota in for jenna today. u.s. officials gather intelligence to justify military action against the assad regime. jon: just yesterday president obama said there is no doubt the syrian government carried out last week's chemical attack killing hundreds of people. he added, he has not made a decision yet on authorizing a strike. u.n. inspectors are collectin
reaction to the president using "the tonight show" as a forum to discuss serious issues. join us on facebook or send us a tweet, and .-span hasbbc reporting yemen foiled an al qaeda plot to blow up oil pipelines and sees some of the country's main ports. the story was released a short while ago saying both u.s. and the uk have withdrawn diplomatic staff from yemen, prompted by intelligence reports over new terrorist activity. their u.s. is reported to send special operation forces for pop -- possible strikes against him and sites, al qaeda sites in yemen. the front page story about the september 11 benghazi attacks, charges have been filed, u.s. ambassador christie vince among those killed in that attack. we want to get to the president's comments last night on "the tonight show," asked about benghazi and terrorism and the shutdown of the u.s. embassies across north africa and the threat from aqap, which is al qaeda arabian peninsula. this is the president and jay leno. >> one thing i try to do as president is not overreact, but make sure as much as pos
security forces out front. we are also seeing, for >> they have accepted training and continue to allow us to conduct drone operations. all of those are signs that things are improving. the recent visit by the u.s. in part was to deliver the message that we need to see stepped-up operations in light of the intelligence we're receiving. host: the "washington post" reporting there have been four drone attacks over the last 10 days. and in comparison, seven months have passed with no drone attacks. guest: right, that shows you right there that, two things, they're trying to show seriousness. two, the drones also have been reported as flying at low levels around the urban areas to demonstrate a show of force. that's politically difficult for the host government because, as you know, the drone strikes have created some domestic tension. so in terms of being able to demonstrate to the u.s. that they are serious, those are steps that are confidence building measures. -- ted jada cople has coppel has written, america's chronic overreaction to terrorism, we had excerpts. but the country's capacity
a big deal if it is the majority over the minority. they will always use the powerful versus powerless argument. blacks have been persecuted for centuries, but that to me is illusion of help, for the powerless are attacking the powerless more than anybody else. it is black against black crime that's really the issue. constantly turning it into a race thing doesn't help anybody, especially when you always point to race as the origin of everything. it doesn't cause any real -- >> whites generally attack whites. >> exactly. >> if you look at it. good point. >> dana, we contacted reverend al sharpton, didn't respond. contacted department of justice, didn't respond. naacp, did not respond. cory booker, because bob mentioned cory booker earlier, didn't respond. white house did respond, sent us old talking points about bullying and school safety. >> again, it is bullying, though, see the point, they changed it. >> i think the white house was right to do that. i would have done the same in that position, but they are vulnerable in that when president obama decides to comment on one local case,
capehart in for toure. the state department takes extrord mare measures, so what are the rest of us supposed to think? >>> how much of the administration's response been influenced by public opinion? and is this the new moral. >>> it's no surprise who tops the new poll of america's hottest politicians. chris christie. >> how? >> but here's what caught us. which party is bringing that heat? >>> "sports illustrated" and the most beautiful face of socialism, olympic gold medalist, katarina vit. big names and big news right now in "the cycle." >>> we start at my insistence on the baseball diamond. okay, let's be honest. it was more of a group effort by krystal. any minute now, major league baseball is expected to announce the suspensions of more than a dozen players for a combined total of more than 800 games. the biggest name on the list, alex rodriguez, who will likely be punched out by the mlb for 214 games. but the story doesn't end there. it appears a-rod will appeal his suspension, allowing him to continue playing during that process. that means we're probably in for an extra inni
screeching noise like the emergency alert on your phone. this is first time california had used this amber alert technology. a lot of people didn't know what was going on. so before the next time they do this, some kinks to work out. >> shep: thanks. let's get to the sheriff of san diego county, bill gore is live with us. good to talk to you. it's an awful case. tell me what he think he might be doing? >> we don't know. that is why we are asking for the public's help. we neal need all the eyes and ears we can get to locate this car. locate dimaggio and bring them back alive. we really don't have solid clues right now. >> shep: a long time family friend. accusation that he killed half the family and took the 16-year-old. the only thing i can guess here, you think there is something sexual going on or what is it? >> it's just speculation. >> shep: what is the speculation? >> we're looking at all the afternoons. what is the exactly the relationship between hannah and dimaggio. the mother discovered something and became involved in this and probably led to this. >> shep: discovered something?
to an american mother, he became an instant u.s. citizen but end canadian law he's a citizen of that country the moment he was born. many say the cruz camp has put this so-called controversy to rest. the paper goes on to point out that the constitution does not address the issue of dual citizenship when it comes to running for the presidency. joining me now is connie mack and steve murphy. are you a left wing birther? >> he was born in canada. we know that. he's a canadian citizen but he's also an american citizen so i think he's eligible to run for president. his problem isn't he's from canada. it's that he's from mars. >> all right. all right. save your cheap left wing political hack attack for later. we'll get to that later. do you see any issue here? it seems to me the left is flirting with birtherism. here's a question. does that mean they are racist against a hispanic? >> you know, first of all, i think it's important to point out that there is one democrat who will not be talking about this issue and that is barack obama. and the left -- this is clearly a media dump. this was clearly
on or e-mail us at a piece this morning from janet hauck, a town hall meetings happening across the country, this is what she reports -- of color that is a bit on what is happening in town hall meetings across the country. here on c-span we have been those town hall meetings and if you are interested in watching them, you can go to before we came up live here we were showing you a recent town hall meeting with congressman justin [indiscernible] a republican who many of you know is against the nsa program. nsa, health care, immigration reform, it is all on the table for members of congress. what is your message to them? greensboro, n.c., what do you think? >> i am calling about the town hall -- caller: i am calling about the town hall meeting that was played just prior to ,washington journal" coming on and it looked like a representative was playing to the fears of the people in the audience. i am sure that he knew what they were saying, but he was just giving vague information. one person stood up and said that his -- he took his son to the
into the weekend. we'll tell you what's going on, of course, and give you a chance to tell us what it all means to you. that's what the "full court press" is all about. join us by phone at 1-866-55-press. send us your comments on twitter at bpshow and on facebook at well, the big breaking news is edward snowden is finally out of the airport! yep, he was allowed to leave yesterday because russia granted him an asylum for just one year. that means he can live and work there. meanwhile, president obama, because more and more members of congress are concerned over the extent of nsa's spying on us, as we vealed by edward snowden, president obama convened a meeting of republicans to discuss how we can get the proper balance between national security and our right of privacy. and you can look for some legislation which will restrict nsa's spying. we'll tell you all about it right here on current tv. iq will go way up. (vo) current tv gets the conversation started weekdays at 9 eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. tv and radio talk show host stephanie mille
. the reason the strength in the euro has been attributed to worries about the u.s. economy. please, that's just the press being too negative again. it's europe's strength. not u.s. weakness that's driving the currency. the turn in europe is happening so swiftly that u.s. companies just reported beginning to see the strength, only in the mid part of the quarter. that's right, they saw the strength only in mid quarter taking companies so by surprise, they're mostly in disbelief. mostly the gigantic auto companies like ford and gm. they didn't anticipate this turn around. the tech supermarket with business in europe will tell us the same thing when we speak to them later in the show. how much do i believe in this european turn? there are still plenty of skeptics out there, i like that, i am not one of them. my charitable trusts have been buying outsized position in vgk. trust has also bought a ton of ebay, which is the u.s. company this quarter that complained the loudest about european weakness. don't forget the europe's use for google and apple. i am a big believer that this is an importa
later, the president of doctors of the world u.s. a talks about recent humanitarian efforts in turkey, jordan, and lebanon in response to the health impact of the syrian civil war. >> we are going to keep on voting, keep our job building, keep on educating, keep on mentoring, keep on community building, we are going to keep on ending violence. we are going to keep on creating peace. we are not going to let nobody turn us around. ♪ martin luther king the third, one of the featured speakers at yesterday's daylong march on washington, celebrating 19630th anniversary of the march on washington. welcome to "washington journal" on the sunday, august 25, 2013. we will play you a couple of more comments from yesterday's speech. the question this morning, does new technology create better jobs? we will show you the opinion piece that is prompting our question. here are a couple of ways to participate in the discussion, as usual. by phone -- make sure you mute your television or radio when you call in. you can reach us on twitter or facebook. or send us an e-mail,
: good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us bright and early on this very important news weekend. so much is happening now that investigators have left syria, anything could happen at any moment. let's get to a fox news alert and the latest on syria for you. the u.n. team investigating the chemical attack has left the country as the obama administration the syria carried out a chemical attack. elizabeth prann is live for us in washington. >> completed four day investigation. the team collecting and carrying various samples for lab analysis to determine if chemical weapons were used to kill syrian people this while secretary of state john kerry made it clear yesterday u.s. officials already have the answer to that question and there will be action against the rogue regime after telling the american public the administration has classified intelligence which is both clear and compelling and shows the regime forces are behind the latest chemical attack which is said to have killed 1400 people and more than 400 children. >> this crime against conscience, this crime against hu
suit tomorrow after one more vote on health care. summer break is upon us here in washington, d.c. one headline says lawmakers are leaving capitol hill pretty empty-handed. both sides are pointing fingers at each other. want to get your thoughts this thursday morning on the congressional session thus far, what is being done and perhaps not being done. here are the numbers. if not by sound, you can send aus a tweet. you can post your comment on facebook and you can send us an e-mail. we look forward to hearing from you. here is one of the headlines this morning in "the huffington post" -- they're talking about congressman harold rogers, the republican of kentucky who chairs the appropriations committee. writes about this as well. russell permanent shares the byline and joins us by phone. burman shares the by line. guest: pretty interesting day in the house yesterday. they were considering a house appropriations bill to fund the department of transportation and housing and urban development. this has been a key bill implementing deep cuts offered by congressman paul ryan. they effectivel
. this is the chairman of the nga. he will join us at 9:00. begins at 7:00 in the morning. the summer meeting takes place again in milwaukee. the activity is set to start shortly. d kumar sees on c-span starting momentarily. -- eu can see these on c-span starting momentarily. >> we are live this morning on c-span. we are here at the wisconsin sensor a couple of blocks west of the milwaukee river appeared governors are gathering here throughout a week and. livell breed bringing you coverage. they are supposed to start a couple of minutes ago. they are getting things together. we will be hearing from the governors about infrastructure. anthony fox will be on the panel as well as the as the chair of the house transportation committee. we are going to be taking your calls after that and then a true 30 p.m. eastern panel. we will be talking about how states are integrating into the local economy. -- awill have a panel bowl cannot 12:15 p.m.. we will be joining the governors tomorrow at 12:15 p.m. by thear's gathering governor of delaware. they will be here this morning. years nga nga,s scott walker. this is i
, chris. thanks to you at home for staying with us the next hour. nine months after the presidential elections, republicans have just signed into law the most draconian voter suppression law in the country. this afternoon. before the 2012 elections, product can-controlled states all around the country took action to make voting more difficult. like the cuts in early voting that led to waits of eight hours or more to cost a ballot in florida. huge democratic pushback and uproar over the changes in the voting laws, efforts in the republican-controlled states to make voting harder did get rolled back somewhat. they were subject to a lot of human cry. now in the relative calm of this late summer in an odd numbered nonelection year, it is the state of north carolina that has gone further than any other state in the country. in the name of supposedly cracking down on voter fraud, which is never to any significant extent been proven or even seriously alleged in that state, north carolina republicans will now ban you from voting unless you can show new documentation that you never had to sho
>>> this is "world news." tonight, direct hit. the breaking news that the u.s. took out key terror leaders. men behind that worldwide threat. >>> driving the rapids, cars swallowed by water, drivers floating to shore. a lot of the nation in a flood emergency. >>> a mother's plea against paparazzi. actress jennifer garner in tears today. >> i don't want a game of shouting, law-breaking photographers to continue traumatizing my kids. >> and real money, we find this family $6,000 for their dream home in just minutes. >>> and a good evening to you, and we begin with the breaking news. u.s. officials tell abc news that after all these weeks an terror alert, the u.s. targeted and hit four of the central players behind that threat. it's a fast-moving story, and our chief investigative correspondent brian roth has the details right now. >> reporter: there was a small but significant sigh of relief from u.s. counterterrorism officials today with a senior official telling abc news that four al-qaeda terrorists connected to the latest threat stream against the american embassy in yemen had be
at the top stories we're following this hour right now. >>> nearly two dozen u.s. embassies get ready to close their doors amid fears of a terror attack. a former u.s. ambassador says this move is unprecedented, and the threat is impacting u.s. travelers everywhere around the world. the message to americans around the world next. >>> one of the cleveland women abducted by ariel castro goes back to the home where she was held prisoner for 11 years. we have neighbors' reaction to michelle knight's incredible strength. >>> a global travel alert is in effect right now for all americans around the world. that's after sources say there is growing intelligence that al qaeda is planning an attack possibly in the middle east or north africa. as a precaution, the u.s. is closing 22 embassies and consulates tomorrow mostly in that region, and the threat is expected to last until the end of august. emily schmidt is live for us in washington. so, emily, former u.s. ambassador said today this is unprecedented. how big of a step is this to close so many embassies at once? >> we hear officials saying
and mentioneitmentioned the role ofe societies for useful knowledge. and i thought wow, that's something i need to look into. and i did and the reference was to the british institution but as i started to explore the subject i found that the very rich history here in america, and as i get more and more involved, the figure of benjamin fran quinn kept kind of encroaching on my thinking -- benjamin franklin. saga started to look at this movement as i called for useful knowledge through the eyes of franklin and she's his life story to tell the saga, the genesis and development and importance of this new movement, useful knowledge. it's not is a wrote a biography of benjamin franklin. i very deliberately did not. working in library of congress is don't because of the size of the collection. if you go to the catalog or go online and putting benjamin franklin title search is over 1000 volumes. so i figured the market was century with tragedies of biography. instead the society for useful knowledge explores the roots of early american technology and science. these are forces that steadily transformed this cou
with a lifetime ban, though, for allegedly using performance enhancing it could happen at any moment. we'll bring it to you when it happens. >>> many are wondering why we still don't know what brand of salad is behind the sickness. we've known for days some prepackaged salads are the surs. why aren't officials saying which brand it is. what is this linked to. we get an explanation it was a variety of greens, it may not be on the shelves. >> not on the shelves anymore so don't worry about it, but people are worried. >>> first the story we'll talk about is this terror threat the state department is shutting down key u.s. embassies and consulates in the middle east including egypt and israel doing it based on a "credible and serious" threat to u.s. targets overseas so let's go to cnn's barbara starr at the pentagon. good morning, barbara. what's going on? >> good morning, chris. this may be the most significant shutdown of u.s. embassies since the 9/11 attacks. the u.s. is closing embassies around the world after what one senior u.s. official told cnn was more than the usual chatter about a potentia
by giving us a call, 202, 585, 3881 -- for republicans, 202-585-3881. for democrats, 202-585-3880. for independents, 202-585-3882. facebook or us on send us an e-mail. or to send us a tweet. action prompted at embassies, that is the headline. "based on unspecified information, the warning comes after the state department ordered the closing of 2100 embassies in the arabian peninsula." let me read to a portion of this. "the part in the state warned citizens to the continued potential for terrorist attacks, particularly in the middle east or north africa." host: that is from the state department. matt lee, who follows the state department for the associated press, is with us on the phone. what news can you tell us? caller: there is not much new that we know since thursday or friday, when we receive the notice of the embassy closures. the alert came out on friday. right now we are kind of in a wait and see mode to see what, if anything is actually going to occur today, obviously clearly a day of great concern. also to the rest of this
. in the next hearing they say we don't like the way you are dealing with 6103. give us everything as fast as you can. 17 lawyers working full time going through documents -- let me tell you something. on the one hand, if you release information about taxpayers, they would be all over you. i'm just saying. you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. the best thing to do is to obey the law, period. mr. mckinney coming to have recommendations mr. werfel talked about losing 8,000 employees, sequestration. how does that affect your recommendations? >> as it relates to identity that? >> yes. [laughter] >> well, obviously they have to draw when they have a problem they have to draw from the existing employee base that affect the other operation. that is the concern and will be a concern of ours also. >> okay. let's see, you have two and a half minutes. >> they did release the information. the inspector general said so for different times and one of them was referred to the justice department for prosecution. the justice department won't prosecute. so they did exactly what -- i want all the
historians in making my books readable. it's no use writing books if people don't read them. that's one of the great things in life. and libraries are full of histories quietly collecting dust as the decades roll by and nobody takes them from the shelves. one should always remember that. >> host: how many books have you sold? >> guest: have i? >> host: how many books have you sold? >> guest: oh, sold, god knows. millions. i don't know. i have no idea. i don't go -- i'm not a writer who is constantly badgering his publishers to get the sales figures. if the figures are poor, you get to know it sooner or later. people tell you, you know? if they're good, well, you get your royalty check. so, so long as the second is healthy and the first doesn't happen, i'm content. >> host: and finally, paul johnson, what are you currently realizing? >> guest: currently reading? >> guest: well, i am reading quite a lot about fdr, franklin roosevelt, because my publishers have suggested that i might like to write a short biography of him. which is a difficult thing to do because he encompassed a remarkab
itself should the u.s. attack. and as tensions rise, some experts say taking action could be a huge mistake. you'll hear why. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >>> fears grow that syrian hackers may target u.s. companies online in a cyber war. >>> plus, fast food workers across america demanding 15 bucks an hour. will they get it? >>> and if you're texting someone who's behind the wheel, watch out. you could be in trouble with the law. >>> and the best part of coming home. >>> hi there. i'm brooke baldwin. great to be with you on this thursday. today, the world waits with the u.s., ready to strike syria. i know, a lot of questions here. like how, when that strike could happen as this drum beat for military action continues. i should tell you that the dissenting voices are growing louder. the question now, if the u.s. should strike at all. right now u.n. chemical weapons inspectors are still inside syria. you see this video? it shows them wearing gas masks. they're there collecting blood samples from victims of the most recent chemical weapons attack on the outskirts of the capita
and u.s. airways hit some turbulence today. the u.s. justice department and several state attorneys general are suing to block the deal. good evening. i'm judy woodruff. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the newshour tonight, the surprise legal challenge claimed the merger would increase air fares and cut services. we explore the fight over creating the world's largest airline. >> woodruff: then, north carolina joined a growing list of states to pass a voter i.d. law. we debate the measure, the first since a landmark ruling on voting rights by the supreme court. >> brown: new yorkers weigh the pros and cons of the city's stop and frisk policy. we get reaction to a judge's order to limit the program. >> woodruff: despite dire warnings, egypt's government has yet to crack down on mass- protests supporting the ousted president. margaret warner talks with egypt's foreign minister. >> brown: new education standards taken up by many states outline what kids should learn but not how. john merrow looks at teachers and students adjusting to "the common core." >> with mathematics, it used t
>>> we ran out of time for the "ridicu-list" tonight. that does it for us. thanks for watching. erin burnett starts now. >>> "outfront" next, gearing up for a military strike against syria. as the white house is ratcheting up pressure, the stock market takes a dive. >>> also a massive outbreak of measles in america. while some people are blaming some christian teachings. >>> and a montana teacher is convicted of raping a 14-year-old student. why did the teacher only get 30 days in jail? >>> let's go "outfront." >> >> i'm jessica yellin in for erin burnett. >>> "outfront" tonight, breaking news, stocks dive as the drumbeat to war with syria gets louder. wall street suffered its worst day since june as the obama administration clearly laid the groundwork for a possible military strike on syria. >> there's no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons in syria. the syrian regime. the president believes and i believe that those who use chemical weapons against defenseless men, women and children should and must be held accountable. >> market analyst todd scho
moving along depends on who talk to. a travel warning for the en world. the terror threat the u-s government is taking very seriously. and it's the closest thing being "ironman." the new water sport that's becomingl the rage. good evening i'm elizabeth . and i'm ken bastida. this just in from the south: smoldering flames and billo smoke wafting from a huge t fire in san martin. this ist the san martin transfer sta. authorities say a lot of trh is on fire and a number of firefighters are there tt a handle on it. they say they'll have to go in with bull doze >>> a lot of trash is on fire and a lot of firefighters are there. they say they will have to go in with bulldozers, kick it up, try to get water underneath it. not known how that fire got started. >>> first, itwas acsations marring negotiations to head off a bar strike. and tonight, a conflict about what is really going on behind closed doors. kpix5's kristen ayers is outside the talks and says it is all about who you want to believe. kristen. >> yeah, ken, both sides not just engaged in talk, but also in dualing pr campaigns.
learn from this data set be put in exo which didn't work and still use microsoft excel to analyze this data. we learned half the population of camden uses an emergency room or hospital in one year, someone went 324 times in five years, someone went 113 times in one year. we the public spend $108 million a year for camden presidents, 79,000 people, to go over and over i [talking over each other] over to the hospital. twice as much, we and america spend twice as much as the health care system and we can do amazing things for people but i don't believe we are getting our money's where, $2.8 trillion, 18% of our economy. i can't get my head around the number that big. i know what that will buy and for 1% of that, you can buy five of me. there are only 15 primary care in camden and all getting boarded up. we have to reinvest the money on the front line of care rather than building more hospitals and expanding emergency rooms, and at incredibly high price if you cut in that and hospitalize and we set a lower price if you talk to people and the market has responded, if you look at every
voting. african-americans tend to use early voting much more than whites and same-day registration more often because african-americans tend to move around more. if you move, you change your draer address, you have to update your registration. they do that more at the polls. not only that, if you cut a week out of early voting, you're going to vastly increase the long lines at the polls. they say about half of the state's voters actually voted early in north carolina, before election day. if you eliminate that period of time or reduce it by a week, you're going to make lines longer and that will do more to discourage voter turnout. >> pete, and the groups that are bringing forth these lawsuit, what are the grounds? do they have good standing? >> i don't think the standing is an issue. i think they will certainly be allowed to go into court and make their case. i think the big question here is, what's the federal government going to do? in the past, the federal government would have been able to use the voting rights act, the preclearance requirement, because north carolina was a covered
in the conversation. give us a call at 866-55-press, join us online at -- on twitter at bpshow, and of course, be our friend on facebook at facebook/billpressshow. give you a -- a kind of a little glimpse of how busy things are today. president obama's big day yesterday, it was a rainy day in martha's vineyard. he picked up lunch and then he and the first lady went out for dinner, and played a little basketball in the afternoon. and i hope he got a long nap in. the department of justice filed a to blocked the merger of two more air lines. the department of justice said this is just one merger too far. will it fly in found out on current tv. ♪ at 9 eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. (vo) sharp tongue. >>excuse me? (vo) quick wit. >> and yes, president obama does smell like cookies and freedom. (vo) and above all, opinion and attitude. >> really?! this is the kind of stuff they say about something they just pulled freshly from their [bleep
. the big question now what can the u.s. do? nbc's attorney correspondent is in cairo, bring us up to speed. >> the situation on the ground remains extremely volatile. within the last couple of hours there's been a massive protest on one of the government buildings on a cairo suburb, hundreds of protesters approached that government building, effect lively torching it molotov cocktails and using live ammunition. we under from sources that the workers were evacuated from that building but gives a an example of how tense the situation is. it is a day that they were trying to restore security. they hope the imposition of a curfew could would dampen the tension. but that is not the case for the supporters. one thing that you pointed out. funeral preparations are under way for those killed by the egyptian military and police also were holding funerals for the soldiers that were killed. nearly 43 members of egyptian security forces were killed yesterday. today they had their funerals. what makes it tense in the coming hours, these protests are being organized by the muslim brotherhood. they are n
stations across the country. our roundtable joins us in just a moment. but first joining me now, the only living speaker from the march on washington, congressman john lewis. he spoke yesterday in front of the lincoln memorial. >> you cannot stand by. you cannot sit down. you've got to stand up, speak up, speak out, and get in the way, make some noise! >> congressman lewis, welcome back to "meet the press." >> thank you very much, david, for having me. >> what a moment. we actually have the two images. there you were 50 years ago as a 23-year-old speaking so powerfully and 50 years later an elder statesman, sir, if you don't mind ne saying. >> i don't mind. >> a pioneer of the civil rights struggle. that had to be quite a moment. >> it was a moving moment to stand there in the same spot 50 years later where dr. king and others stood. i think in the past 50 years we have witnessed what i'd like to call the nonviolent revolution in america, a revolution of values, a revolution of ideas, and our country is a better country. >> you know, the president will speak on wednesday in the same spot.
and transparent, now is the time to get the answer. tell us why yo you're doing what you are doing and maybe people will be a little bit more forgiving. dagen: did he get any momentum, did he get any pop from where he is talking about housing which can come back to bite you in your you know what. >> people want barack obama to stop what around the country and talking about these issues, lock himself in a room and sit with republicans and democrats to focus on these issues. it would be significant lehigh or if we didn't have his people leaving the labor force so people are not satisfied. he talked a lot about compromise. they are not seeing it. somehow he will come in as well. the function's ball, got the highest rating. >> you talk to barack obama's pollsters. what you see is barack obama despite having a rating below 2%, the most pop the politician in the country. you need to have somebody beating you at your own game before people can get you. the problem is he is at around 47, 48%. all things equal, he is in pretty good shape. dagen: how long have you and i known each other? i am an idiot
showed up for work. none of us were in case you haven't checked your ticket yet the winning numbers are 5, 25, 30, 58, 59, and 32. >> as if that should come as a surprise they're obviously the numbers i would have picked had i been asked, they are the obvious choices but i'll put it in the past, only $441 million? it will come around again. >>> did the u.s. learn about the latest embassy threats by listening in on a conference call between al qaeda leaders? a new report says just that, but it's raised a lot of eyebrows in the intelligence community and we're going to get into it for you. >>> the two young boys killed after possibly being strangled to death by a python. we have new details including these pictures of the little boys working inside the snake's tank previously and there are no questions arising, some snake experts say they don't think the snake could have done this. we'll talk all about that coming up. >>> first breaking news, parts of the midwest and southeast are being slammed with flash flooding. missouri has been hit hard, a state of emergency is in effect there and the
us tomorrow. "squawk on the street" begins right now. >>> good thursday morning. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm carl quintanilla with kelly evans from the new york stock exchange. cramer and faber are still off. at post nine today, strategist with ipq capital iq. sam, it's good to have you this morning. futures are up despite worrisome signals. a lot more retail is coming out with warnings about the quarter. we're going to talk about that in a moment. in asia, the nikkei was down but china's trade data did beat expectations even though some people don't trust the numbers over there. europe has been slightly higher for most of the morning. in our road map today a tale of two consumers told through the registers of mcdonald's, the electronics department with costco where profits are losing some power. >> groupon has a new deal for investors as eric takes over sole ceo and the buyback is the first order of business. >>> surprise quarterly profit leaves tesla's ceo laughing at potential rival bmw's entry into the electric car market. >>> t-mobile dialing up the biggest customer
us any information you have when it comes to how we do this better and best and make america safe. please read the bios. they are all impressive people. i want to thank them for being here. let's take a 15-minute break. .hank you [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] lookmorrow we will take a at the july unemployment numbers and the role of low wage and part-time positions. then threats from al qaeda with a former u.s. ambassador to iraq. .hen u.s.-russia relations all of that starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern time on c-span. the relationship between the u.s. and russia is one of our topics tomorrow on "newsmakers." he is the chair of the foreign affairs subcommittee on europe, eurasia, and emerging threat. here is some of what he had to say. >> it is imperative we have a good relationship with russia. yet we have this administration and many republicans pushing russia away, still thinking about russia as it was during the cold war. for the causeood of peace and it is no good for us. >> is it possibl
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